The Digital Government Society (DGS) is a global, multi-disciplinary organization of scholars and practitioners interested in the development and impacts of digital government. Digital government fosters the use of information and technology to support and improve public policies and government operations, engage citizens, and provide comprehensive and timely government services. DGS equips its members with a professional support network focused on both scholarship and effective practices that nurture technical, social, and organizational transformation in the public sector.

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Join the main platform to meet, exchange ideas, build new collaborations, and to lead digital government research and practice. You will get connected to a hub with links to conferences, scholarly publishers, and other societies to enlarge your network.


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dg.o 2022 is just few weeks away

We are only few weeks away from dg.o 2022, with the central theme of “Intelligent Technologies, Governments and Citizens.” The Conference will include 2 plenary sessions, more than 50 papers, 2 panels,  workshops and 15 posters.

We are going to have a fully online conference that combines the advantages of synchronous and asynchronous activities to improve the experience of participants and the opportunities to connect to others in our global community. Registration includes a one-year membership to the Digital Government Society.

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